Summit Games

FNA CrossFit Summit Games Registration


June 17, 2023


$179 + tax per team if registered on or before May 15th, 2023. $199 + tax after December 15th, 2022.

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Workout #1


"Run Forrest, Run!!"

For time (time cap 15min)

2 rounds:

150 double Unders 800M sandbag run (50/35)

** double unders are split evenly between athletes in sets of of UNBROKEN 50. Should an athlete no rep before 50, they will receive 1 more attempt at 50 unbroken reps. Should the athlete no rep again then 10 team burpees must be completed before the next athlete can begin their set of 50 double unders**

** sandbag run is done together. Athletes must run together, only 1 athlete holding the bag at 1 time. Athletes may switch anytime but are not required too**


150 single unders sets of 50 unbroken. Same burpee rule applies

20/10 medball run

Workout #2


"Sink Your Teeth In"

On a 10min running clock:

Athlete 1 has 7 min to establish 1rm Vampire complex:

1 squat clean 
1 front rack split jerk
1 back squat 
1 behind the neck jerk
1 front rack split jerk 

At minute 7, athlete 2 completes AMRAP 3min max shoulder to overhead with athlete 1's vampire complex weight. 


Vampire complex:

1 squat clean 
1 front rack split jerk
1 front squat 
2 front rack split jerks. 

Partner 2, AMRAP 3min max shoulder to overhead.

Workout #3 (Floater)


"I Love The Bike"

AMRAP 5min:

Max cal Bike
Max over the shoulder sand bag cleans (150/100)

**Athletes switch at the 2:30 mark**


100/70 sandbag

Workout #4


"Does the bar come from the rack?"


Cal Row
Power snatches (115/80)
3 ropes climbs (15feet) after each set. 

** I go you go, 1 partner completes a full round before tagging in. Workout finishes on rope climbs**


6 zombie climbs 

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